About me

Being a photographer today doesn't only entail taking good pictures, rather a photographer is a narrator who can tell a story through an image.

Through my projects, I document the stories of people from around the world, ranging from documenting the everyday struggles of the handicapped, to the daily lives of individuals in Syria before the devastating war, to providing hope to children who suffer from diseases.

After obtaining my undergraduate and masters degrees from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, Alba), I have become increasingly involved in humanitarian efforts, and have been fortunate enough to capture the lives of individuals who are often looked down upon, or simply treated differently because of a disease, belief, or sexual orientation.

The objective of my work is to increase awareness of the double standards society imposes upon its own members, and to help people understand that, regardless of people's disease, belief, or sexual orientation, we are all one and are all created equal.